Restaurants with gluten free options

January 29, 2009 at 11:42 pm 4 comments

If you are willing to risk the possibility of cross contamination here are some restaurant chains that have made an attempt to offer gluten-free options, because you can’t always pack a sack lunch. Don’t be a goof, always ask before you order and don’t be embarrased to let the waiter and/or chef know how important it is to get your order right. 

First some quick tips: 

French Fries are often lightly breaded, seasoned and fried in a vat with other gluten products so don’t assume they are ok.

Fried rice is often made with a slight amount of soy sauce in the vat to keep it from sticking together – always ask.

Soups, sauces, maranades and salad dressing are easy items to ask to read a label on.

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