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Beach Bum Snack Kit Gluten Free Style

The Thinglets and I along with my best friend and her girls spent a good part of the week here…


doing this…


visiting with friends…


and this…


The water is still quite cool at around 60 degrees but oh so refreshing!


Even the Bubba had his own water slide…


One of the hardest things about eating gluten free has been finding quick and easy snack foods.  You know, on the go food, ready made, throw in your picnic bag kinds of foods… 


Popcorn is a winner with all the kids.

Sometimes I throw in fruit snacks, nuts (be careful with trail mix it is often manufactured where they process wheat), larabars etc.  Here is what I had in my survival kit this week…

beach bum

Popcorn and rice cakes, with sunflower butter and/or tuna (the bag kind would have been better but the can was free this time), apples, cheese sticks (eat them 1st, they melt) lots of water and honest kids organic fruit juice (found recently at Wal Mart-my necessary evil).  Don’t forget the sunscreen and you will be set for a day on the lake, or at the park!


This has been another recipe for the “What’s for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival” Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.

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I was convicted this week that I need to change my perspective on change.

I am a lover of all things old and have a constant longing for “the good ol’ days” which we all know never really existed.

We found old pictures in our storage unit and I was looking through them with this “Aw man, where has all the time gone” sort of lament when I realized all that has changed!  All the wonderful blessings we have been given, all the new things I’ve learned and just how far we have come.  Matt and I have grown so much in our marriage.  We are no longer the insecure, suspicious and frightened kids we once were trying to figure out how to get along with someone in such close proximity.   We are now more of a team, a united front, not afraid to disagree or share our disappointments.  I know that his love is safe not contingent and not tied to a number of flower pedals or dollars spent.

I am still alive even though I lived in a state I claimed I would only live in “over my dead body” and yet I learned things there, made friends and enjoyed many parts of living there.  Beyond that it has given me a greater appreciation for why I didn’t want to live there and makes me appreciate the differences, not taking for granted the place I had always known.

I am older now, not always wiser but I see in both Matt and I a quieter peacefulness that comes with time.  We are more contended. I am still always striving but I dont’ have to be running around from this game to that, finding out where all the “cool kids” are.  I can spend days at home with my family and be happy.  We are also more compassionate and though I didn’t understand this before, passion has become a deeper shade of purple.  It’s not a blinking, fleeting obsession it is a strong and solid force that drives our pursuit to be more like Christ and therefore able to love deeper and more fully!

I’m beginning to embrace change.  Ask me again next week and I will be back struggling with the facets of change that challenge me and make me uncomfortable but today I am happy for the leaves on the trees and the tall tall pines that are a visible product of change.

As I drove around the lake yesterday with the windows down I could breathe.  I could suck in deep breaths of glittering water and cut grass, I could even smell the sun on the bark of the evergreens. 

Change- my enemy, my friend!

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Us and Our Thinglets

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Sourdough Update

Many of you have been checking back for results on my sourdough creation. At the moment it is still a science experiment, but a happy, bubbly experiment. Never fear, recipes will be here! I did make a beautiful, moist and delicious loaf of sourdough using yeast and a myriad of other ingredients but I'm still trying to create something more user friendly. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a starter on the counter that you could add 4 things to and have a loaf of bread by dinner? Mmmm! Attempt #1 - rose well but resulted in a dense chewy blob Attempt #2 - rose ok but was thin and lifeless then fell and another dense (not so chewy) blob Attempt #3 - to the dogs! Attempt #4 - A sourdough pancake success see post under what's for breakfast gluten-free goof? Ongoing - I've tried several more times and am going to try a completely different approach on the bread starting this week. (Mar 18). My sourdough is still happy on my counter and it makes great pancakes but it's a lot of work just for pancakes. Keep checking! April Update: She is still kickin and I'm still workin on a yeast free, gluten free sourdough loaf! May Update: My sourdough "pet" has been dried and retired until next baking season. I've traded her in for a hotter model, the BBQ! :)
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