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You probably should NOT try this at home!

I’ve not been feeling well the past week or so (we’ve got a bug in our midst) so food has been low on my priority list but with the potential for visitors and my husband firing up the BBQ yesterday I got a great  idea!  How bout I try baking potato chips!

Can’t be too hard right?  I’ll just do what I do for oven french fries only leave them longer like I have done for crackers.  Fries/crackers. What could go wrong?  This was my thinking at least.  Make sense?  No I didn’t think so either but I just went with it. 

I used my slice and grate to cut the thinnest rounds I could manage out of 4 large yellow russets then I put them in a bowl of cold water to soak off the starch for about 10min.

Next I dried them off one by one… dry potatoes








We had three different cookie sheets going so we could determine which one yielded the best results.  It was fun to get creative with the seasonings.

First though, we coated each cookie sheet with vegetable oil.  Next we sprinkled the sheet with salt and pepper (with a little red pepper flake if you like a bit of zip) for the first, salt and onion powder for the second and for the third we dipped the potatoes in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce.  I placed the potatoes on the seasoned pan and then sprinkled more over the top.

Heat the oven to a whopping 475 degrees!

Here they are before going into the oven.season potatoes

I covered each sheet with tin foil and baked with the tin foil on for 20 min.

I removed them from the oven (it’s REALLY hot!) and took off the foil to investigate the progress.

Next I returned them to the oven (without the cover) and baked another 20min at 425 degrees.

At this point what I needed to do was remove any that were done (mainly the potatoes around the edge of each cookie sheet and flip the others, returning them to bake only 5-8min at a time.  Instead I was over confident since they appeared to be going so well. What potato chip couldn’t benefit from a little extra crunch right?  After all, I wasn’t going for french fries! 

I flipped them all over, removing one or two of the crunchiest one’s to “test”.  MMMm! Then returning the whole lot of them to the oven I put another 20min on the timer and went outside to water my veggies.

Twenty minutes later….oops potatoes



open the windows…

open the doors…

SHUT the oven!

Well, I do have to tell you the couple that I tried were delicious but I believe I will leave potato chip making to the professionals!

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