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Unraveling the mystery of eggs (Recipe 2.b) Scrambled


Scrambled Eggs for Real:

All you need is eggs and milk or water .

Have you ever notice that it is quite hard to get scrambled eggs to scramble up right? Sometimes they are soggy, sometimes quite overdone.  Sometimes they turn out limp and sometimes they are even microwavedjust like McDonald’s!  I pulled a few pointers out of one of my favorite recipe books, America’s Test Kitchen and this time I think I’ve got it!

One thing I did not do before is butter my pan.  I know, butter is one of those dreaded words in some households but you don’t need much and it keeps the bottom of your eggs from turning brown while the top is still fluffing!  I’ve scraped the non-sticky off many a pan after “browning” the bottom of my scrambled eggs.

The next thing to note is there is an art to the actual act of scrambling.  Are you a mash and scramble, a cut and scramble or a stir like mad scrambler? The Test Kitchen discovered (and I have confirmed) that the best eggs come from a push and lift/flip method.  I’m a- completely forget that I was in the middle of scrambling, cook them too long and stir like mad kinda gal.  I have now learned to push a wooden spoon or a spatula through the middle of the eggs and sort of gently flip them over when you get to the other side of the pan.  This method saves the poor things from getting scrambled to death and allows them to stay light and fluffy.

Lastly I will say, do not overcook!  Take your eggs off the burner when they look shiny but most of the standing liquid is gone.  It’s easy to tell as you are pushing and lifting since it is a slow deliberate scramble but I  almost always leave them on too long.  The texture is much better when they are slightly wet.

Now for the whole picture… Scrambled Eggs Un-Recipe

We usually make two eggs per person and then add a couple tablespoons of milk per serving, up to about 1/4 cup for a large crowd.  You can also use water in place of the milk.  Whip the eggs and milk lightly as you heat the butter in a pan over medium heat.  Once the butter is melted and begins to steam pour in the eggs and allow to sit 2-3min then begin the scrambling method-almost like driving a snow plow through the middle and then attaching a cement mixer to flip the berm at the end. Isn’t berm a weird word, it doesn’t even look real and I probably shouldn’t use it in reference to food.  There come those blog police again!  The eggs will be done in less than 5min, take them off just before you loose the shiny look.  That sounds ridiculous, how do you know BEFORE the fact? Guess it’s another of those things you have to practice. 

March 12, 2009 at 10:30 pm 2 comments

Unraveling the Mystery of Eggs (Recipe 2.a) – Kid Scrambled

I’m going to give you two options for making scrambled eggs, the first I’m ashamed I even know and I’m not going to guess if there are any nutrients left afterward. It’s MICROWAVE! Seriously sad that eggs can be scrambled in the microwave but that little diddy is a necessary evil in our household.  I spent an entire winter in a camp trailer and I learned to bake everything either in the microwave or on top of a wood stove. 

Except the time I burned my eyelashes off trying to bake gluten free brownies (pregnancy craving) but that’s another story all together!  You will all have to pray that I remember my brownie recipe and then I’ll have to tell that story.  I lost that recipe somewhere between the fog of baby number 4 (a girl-hence the fog-lol) and finding out that Wal Mart, another necessary evil, stopped carrying my favorite yogurt.  I don’t even LIKE yogurt – it was well disguised!

I hear you!

“Weren’t we on the subject of eggs Goof?”

And yes, you are right on with the eggs.

Often I have those sort of days when the butter dish gets broken and my husband thinks a plate will do just fine until one of the barn cats gets in the house and I am in the middle of bathing my darling Thinglets so I don’t notice when a whole stick of butter gets licked to smithereens. When I realize what happened I plop down another stick of butter, after shooing the cat outside and scramble (see I’m getting there) to get everyone dressed but realize there are no clean pants for any of the kids so I quickly toss in a load of laundry while The Bubba slips on a pair of over sized boots and lets himself out onto the front deck (I had no idea he could reach the handle yet) in just a pair of boots and a diaper (in 35 degree weather and a sciff of fresh snow) when the dog rushes in, straight for the kitchen (I swear the cat started the search and destroy mission) and lops up a second stick of butter before you can say “Boys, where’s your BROTHER?”

Sooo, after all that Thing 1, Thing 2 and The Bubba are back inside but still half dressed and everyone is getting hungry. I finally sit down with a cup of coffee and wonder, how many moms across the country have gone fetal (like I’m about to do) on their living room floors at this very moment.  Feeling sorry for myself I stare into the swirl of cream and breathe in the steamy goodness and am just about to sink back in the chair for a couple sips when my stomach growls and I realize all we had this morning is cereal; nothing with protein, no hearty, stick to your stomach, feed your brain protein!  This is the kind of day that screams for microwave eggs!  I don’t even get time to drink the coffee and Pee-wee is crying so I pick her up slump back in my rocker and commission the oldest, Thing 1, to make us all eggs.

Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave – Kid friendly

  1. 1-2 eggs cracked into a microwave safe coffee mug
  2. a splash (approx 2 Tablespoons) of milk or water
  3. whisk with a fork
  4. Microwave for 2 min. (if you have a small mug the eggs may try to escape over the top)

It seems to be that 1 min. per egg is the ticket but I’ve never tried more than 2 at a time.

If you are not horified by my suggesting it, you may try these in a pinch.  If the thought wierds you out I hope you got a good laugh!

February 28, 2009 at 10:20 pm 4 comments

Unraveling the mystery of eggs! (Recipe 1)

img_1857smI don’t know about you but cooking eggs has always been somewhat of a mystery to me.  Once or twice I have been succesful but mostly they are only mediocre.  Yet, I am extremely picky about how I eat my eggs.  Darn!  That could be a problem especially since the farm fresh eggs my girls produce for us on a daily basis are one of the few healthy (supposedly easy) protein options for breakfast on a gluten free diet! With four of us eating gluten free a $6 box of gluten free cereal gets polished off in one morning!  If we did that every weekday that’s $100 a month, ifI hold out and get it on sale for an average of $5.  Thanks to Post, Rice Chex (update- and Corn Chex) are now gluten free so less expensive options are out there but it still leaves the problem of protein.

Since eggs are low in saturated fat yet high in protein, minerals and vitamins they are actually quite healthy especially if you can purchase free range farm fresh varieties.  At the same time you will be supporting your local economy. 

The moral of this story is that I have decided to perfect the art of creating delicious, more than edible eggs. I think for the goof that I am, more than edible should be an attainable goal. Forget that bit about perfect!

 It seems that there are approximately 20 different ways to have eggs for breakfast, snacks and even heartier meals.  I will attempt to try most of them and report back to you on my successes (hopefully) and goof ups, so you can learn from them.img_1877sm

My boys keep insisting they don’t like eggs the “easy” way so I devised a plan, “if they don’t look like eggs over easy maybe they will eat them!”  It was a success.  I actually think these are sunny side up but the point is they are easy and I didn’t have to do any magic tricks to get the kids to eat them, unless you consider a stainless steel cookie cutter magic.  Ok, so maybe I am a brilliant magician.

Fried Egg Recipe:

Melt a small amount of butter or marg. in a skillet over medium heat. (300 degrees in an electric skillet)

I like to crack the eggs into my stainless steel 1 cup measuring cup (if not I inevitably get shells in the pan).  Then if using a “form” place it in the pan and pour the eggs directly into it, or right into the pan if you have no need to disguise your “easy” eggs.

Turn down the heat and cover the pan approx 5min.  If Salmonella is a concern, be sure to cook until the yolk is done, breaking the yolk will usually ensure thorough cooking.  I’m a weird one, I like my egg yolk runny.  You will have to practice to get it “perfect” but once you get the hang of them they are a quick and healthy naturally gluten free breakfast. 

If you are making eggs for a herd, simply crack the eggs into several coffee mugs and loop the handles onto your fingers then pour into the pan at the same time.  This too, requires a bit of practice but it sure beats the guesswork and/or having to make them one at a time.

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Us and Our Thinglets

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