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Stagg chili is gluten free

Another company puts gluten free on the label. Thank you Stagg.

I’m still here. Sorta. ūüôā Since I’m gluten free for life, you won’t get rid of me that easy! I’m blogging more often at and busy with my five Thinglets, five acres and being a home school junkie. Haha! Anyhow, if you subscribe you won’t miss it when I post. I’ll just stick to the best of the best. Thanks for being patient.


October 5, 2011 at 2:29 pm 2 comments

Barbecuey Ratatouille

The other day Thing 1 began screaming. It was¬†that shrill kid cry that adults can never quite identify.¬† I can’t stand that kind of exclamation it is either glee, cackling or pure pain and¬†no one can ever tell which until you can get eyes on the “victim”!¬† ¬†Sometimes it is as simple an answer as, “the baby smiled at me” other times as innocent and understandable, in my case, as “I saw a BEE!”¬† I could not see the kids from where I sat in my garden of weedin’ so when Thing 1 screamed I expected the worst.

He came running with his hands over his eyes sputtering all sorts of nonsense that I couldn’t make sense of.

“Are you bleeding?” I blurted.

“No,” he managed.

My kids know that my first response is likely to be one of two things: Is there blood, or Is something dead (namely a pet or woodland creature).¬† You’d think by now they would come yelling, “No¬†blood mom!”

Finally I got some sense out of my oldest son, whom I’m constantly having to remind myself is still only seven.¬† “Bubba (who is only 2) threw sand in my eye and on my head!”

The boy accused came toddling over with a look of consternation and stood a little distance off assessing the situation.  I helped Thing 1 to get his eyes to tear and had to practically put him in a straight jacket to keep him from clawing at it.  Once I had that situation fairly handled I put my attention to the discipline of my youngest son.

“Bubba,” I frowned, “it’s not nice to throw sand.¬† Tell your brother you are sorry!”

He came closer and as I looked I could see that in his own hair was at least twice the sand that the older son had.  Hmmm I pondered.  This little boy dumped sand all over his own head and then got a brilliant idea to throw sand onto his brothers head? Or could it just be that all was not as it seemed.

Upon further investigation I’m sure you can guess how the real story played out and in this instance there were no innocent parties.

Thankfully no one found any creatures in the woods. 

What does all this have to do with dinner?¬† I think you will be able to follow my logic if you’ve seen Ratatouille.

Ever since watching the Disney movie Ratatouille my boys have been bugging me to make the dish it is named for.¬† When they first asked, I hadn’t a clue what it was but after perusing the Internet for recipes, watching cooking videos and consulting my culinary¬†expert (my husband) I believe all I have left to say is Eureka!¬†

In honor of sand and sun I’ve been spending my days outside and my cooking efforts have maily centered around the grill so my challenge was to make Ratatouille without heating up the house or using tons of dishes.¬† The following recipe is my solution to both.¬† I reinvented¬†this French dish, a peasants¬†vegetable stew and even the “peasants” in my household couldn’t get enough!

Barbecuey Ratatouille:


Do I really have to go there?  (Shopping List):

Ratatouille is a peasants stew made using various veggies and sometimes served over rice.  You are sticking with the nature of the dish if you include eggplant and zuccini along with any other vegetable that you have on hand or can find cheap. Here are a few items you need as well.

  • olive oil
  • tomato sauce
  • garlic

If I can do it you can do it! (The Recipe):

If you will be serving your Ratatouille with rice now is an excellent time to begin cooking it.

After you have the rice on, gather all your veggies.

various veggies

I used 1 eggplant, 2 med zucchini, 4 small potatoes, 4 small sweet peppers (or 1 large bell), 1 red onion, 1 tomato.  Other vegetables sometimes used are mushrooms, chickpeas, okra etc.

Juline the eggplant, zucchini and peppers. Cut the potatoes into bite sized pieces and the tomato into wedges.  Slice the onion into rings and place over everything in a disposable tin foil roasting pan.

julien veggies

After you are done slice and dicing, fire up the BBQ.

Once you have all the veggies arranged drizzle olive oil generously over everything.

Place 6 cloves of garlic (peeled and sliced) in a tin foil square and drizzle with olive oil then tightly seal the square and put it in the corner of your roasting pan. Cover the pan with another roaster or tin foil and place on the grill.

Grill the covered veggies over medium heat approximately 20 min.  You will have to check from time to time as some vegetables will cook more quickly.  Flip any that are cooking unevenly and rearrange as necessary.  I burnt a few to the bottom of the pan but we decided we all liked the Cajun flavor!add sauce

Once your veggies are cooked through remove any tough skins (I took the skin off the eggplant) and anything burnt beyond recognition. ūüôā¬† Cut everything into bite size pieces and toss into a nonstick skillet over med heat.¬† Immediately pour in 1 cup of tomato sauce or your favorite spaghetti sauce and toss to coat.¬† Simmer just until heated through and serve over a bed of rice.

allons, mangez !

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here!

July 14, 2009 at 11:05 pm 11 comments

Not yo’ nacho!

I hope I’m not breaking more rules!¬†¬†You know those blog police are always out to get me.¬† At any rate I’m going to use a previous post for my first ever Friday Foodie Fix over at The Whole Gang.¬† I’ve been wanting to participate in the fun¬†since meeting Diane during What’s for Dinner Wednesday’s but between the rock incident, making green smoothies a fashion statement and playing in my garden I just couldn’t find the time.¬† Finally things are settling in and with the help of my cooking hubby we’ve come up with a recipe that fits the bill!¬† P.s It is not against the rules to use a previous post, in fact you can even use more that one post.¬† Whew, I’m off the hook.


I don’t go to town often and when I do I usually rush home thinking to myself, “I’m never doing that again!”¬† It’s not that I live¬†outside of¬†a terribly busy town, it’s actually quite quaint.¬† It’s not that I can’t find the things that I need or want.¬† It’s mostly my darling two year old who¬†at this point in¬†his young ¬†life is determined to make shopping a chore.

The Bubba, bless his little pink cheeks is bound and determined to live life on the edge.¬† Literally, I mean the edge of almost everything.¬† I often find him dangling off the edge of the counter, belaying off of the big boys’ bunk bed or my personal favorite, attempting the back flip out of the¬†child¬†seat (belt and all) of my shopping cart.

Because of his shopping antics I hate to go to town!

My grandmother, bless her heart, went shopping with me the other day and sat in the car so I could make some quick stops and not have to set up a carabiner for the shopping cart experience.

I asked her “If you had the money and didn’t have to think practically what one thing would you have done on a regular basis?”

I suspected I knew the answer since we often think alike and I have a definite number one.

I was right, we would both hire a personal chef!¬† It’s not that I completely hate to cook (though I’m not great at it) it is a matter of shopping, being responsible for the health and safety (ha ha) of those eating and cleaning up the mess.¬† If I could school the kids, play in the garden and even organize and clean the house without the worry of “What’s for Dinner” I think I’d have it made!¬† I might pop into the kitchen now and again and I would certainly continue to experiment with baking each time I got a hankerin’ but I wouldn’t be the “Queen of the Kitchen”.¬† Grandma and I would gladly relinquish that to anyone else!

My husband got wind of this plan and he mentioned, “Hon, I really don’t mind cooking, in fact I think it’s kinda fun and, no offense, but I’m a much better shopper!”

Yipee!¬† No way!¬† My husband wants to be the “Queen of the Kitchen”!¬† Am I a horrible housewife for letting my husband do the cooking?

You be the judge.

This is what we had for dinner that very night, and¬†in the time it takes to say…

Not yo’ Nacho a¬†$7.00 family meal (serves 6)

Do I really have to go there? (Shopping List):

Note: I’ve been instructed to revise a couple things

  1. 1 bag chips ($3)
  2. 1/2 lb cheese ($2)
  3. 6-8 med. mushrooms (.50)
  4. cilantro (.50)
  5. 1 avocado ($1)
  6. bell pepper (use a sliver from left overs ūüôā pennies)
  7. 1/4 red onion (pennies)
  8. garlic (pennies)
  9. dollop of sour cream (pennies)
  10. olive oil vegetable oil (pennies)
  11. butter

If I can do it, you can do it. Oh wait, I didn’t! (Recipe):

Grate 1/2lb cheese.

Heat 1 Tbsp olive  vegetable oil in a medium saucepan over med/low heat

Add 2 garlic cloves¬†(minced), 6-8 sliced mushrooms and 2Tbsp butter, heat allowing to slow cook for 5-7min. Also in this step add the red onion and 1/4 sliced bell pepper (pretty much left over’s nachos, whatever’s handy in the frig and sounds good).¬† After the 5-7 min simmer add 2 Tbsp butter and continue to simmer 3 more minutes.

In the meantime melt grated cheese over chips in the microwave or in a toaster oven.

Top the nachos with¬†saute’ mushroom mixture

Garnish with avacado slices, sour cream and cilantro



Previously this week:

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.¬†

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Friday Foodie Fix

June 2, 2009 at 10:11 pm 22 comments

My goofy trick to get kids to eat!

There is not pitter patter in this house it’s more like “Boom, Crash, Slam!”¬†

Then the next thing I know it’s, “Do-do-do-doo-do-d-d-d-dooo,”¬†the talented Thing 2¬†playing the¬†kazoo version of “March of the Empire”!

I love it though, the kids are so creative!


Last night’s dinner was a hit and not because¬†of my extreme talent.¬† Thing 1 polished off his stir-fry saying “I loved it, I loved it ALL!”¬†

Would you believe me if I told you the stir-fry contained mushrooms, green peppers and bean sprouts?  Here is my secret. 


Thing 1 sliced mushrooms using this wire egg slicer, Thing 2 stirred and The Bubba  who never needs coaxing when it comes to eating especially if his brothers are there, supervised!

It was a hit¬†mostly because I let the Thinglets¬†help and they couldn’t resist trying what they had “made”!

Stir-Fry Kid Style Un-Recipe: GF

What you’ll need- meat, cooked rice, various veggies, liquid and seasoning (We used olive oil, Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce, garlic and sugar water).¬† We in this case means my hubby, as I was the slice and dice supervisor!

  • partially thaw frozen chicken (we were¬†in¬†a hurry) and slice into thin strips while heating an electric skillet (or frying pan) with a little olive oil
  • cook chicken in olive oil over med heat until no longer frozen then add garlic and a little more oil and increase heat to 400 degreesIMG_3420
  • add vegetables that need extra time like bell pepper and onion (if you must-ha ha)
  • continue to fry and stir so nothing burns
  • add Tamari soy sauce, sugar water (and no, I’m not a Bug)
  • add the remaining veggies and cooked rice (yesterday’s left overs).¬† For a little zip add a small amount of crushed red pepper or red pepper oil after you dish some for the kids ūüôā
  • Stir fry until heated through and the vegetables are cooked how you like them.¬† I like mine pretty limp, Not recommended at culinary schools across the nation, if it were I’d probably be on TV and not writing a blog about how to cook Goof style!

Previously Featured at:

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.

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Friday Foodie Fix

May 27, 2009 at 11:15 am 12 comments

Bath Time Noodle Dish

noodle dish1

Now isn’t that perty?

This week has not been as eventful as past weeks but I did have to give Pee Wee an emergency bath in the middle of dinner, during which I accidentally hosed myself down with the hand shower!¬† It’s hard to wield a shower head in one hand and grip a slippery wet and squirmy infant in the other, not to mention remembering that the stream of water actually needs to be aimed!¬† Thankfully this meal is easy enough to prepare even during bath time and turned out to be one worth shouting about.

Thing 1 got a quick sample during one of his many¬†dinner progress¬†inspections and immediately ran out, slammed the door and began yelling at his brothers, “Come quick, it’s a really, really good dinner!”

I went¬†ahead and “re-purposed” that barbecued chicken one last time and since the sun¬†has begun¬†to peek through those spring storms more often I have been in the mood for something¬†more reminiscent of a picnic.¬†¬†A light noodle dish was just the ticket.

noodle dishNoodle Dish Recipe:

Boil water and cook pasta as recommended (I like tinkyada)

Saute in olive oil over med/low

  • sliced mini sweet peppers
  • garlic
  • onion (if desired)

Add noodles to wok with cooked (or BBQ) chicken and additional olive oil if needed.

Top with parmesan cheese (if desired) and serve warm!

If you are a goof like me you might forget to saute the garlic and veggies in advance so just push that mass of noodles to the side of your wok and make some room near the bottom so you can do it anyway.  Since my chicken was cooked at the beginning of the week it was really just a heat and serve meal.  Whew!  With more time on your hands you might try this with Noodles at Noon.

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.

May 19, 2009 at 8:16 pm 10 comments

Chronicles of a one armed cook.

I should have named my blog, “The Chronicles of a One Armed Cook”!¬† There are always at least two other thing going on while I am trying to make food.¬† Often times I am fixing a bottle for the Bubba, listening to and helping¬†Thing 1¬† to read or blending up various foods in the Magic Bullet for Pee Wee.¬† Thing 2 tends to be good at entertaining himself, for better or worse.

This meal was no exception and though I’m sure I’ve said it before; I am no amazing chef, just a busy mamma trying desperately to find inexpensive and quick meals for a large gluten free family!¬† I want gluten free to be something that is not allusive, not expensive and at this stage in my life, not gourmet!¬† Sorry to those of you with lots of time on your hands, these recipes will rarely be for you! ūüôā¬† I do, however, occasionally make things ahead (late at night) to ease my pain during the week.¬†

The bbq chicken in this meal is made all at once.  We buy a bag of chicken thighs at Costco, marinade it in Italian salad dressing overnight and throw all of it on the barby the next day.  Throughout the week I use the pre-cooked chicken in various ways.

It seems that I mention Costco¬†often but truthfully we don’t buy a lot of things there…

  1. salmon
  2. chicken thighs
  3. coffee
  4. tortillas
  5. avacado’s
  6. and sometimes diapers

Chicken n’ Rice Soup:

This recipe is not as obnoxiously large as others I have posted since I’m “repurposing” my bbq chicken.¬† All you will need is chicken broth, chicken, rice and any veggies you would like to include or have on hand.

If I can do it you can do it! (Recipe):

  1. Pour 16 oz of chicken broth into a med pan and set the burner on high.
  2. Add cooked or instant rice (1 Cup will make it quite hearty)
  3. Add shredded or bite size cooked chicken (2 thighs or 1 breast)
  4. If desired add shredded carrots and a bit of cilantro
  5.  bring to a boil (especially if using instant rice) then immediately reduce heat to med/low

Serve with sunflower carrots!

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.

May 12, 2009 at 12:31 pm 7 comments

Hamburger Sanity Un-Recipe

Well it’s been a while.¬† I’m surprised that mothers haven’t gone extinct since nearly every one has survived their toddler(s).¬† My two year old is about to put me in the nut house.¬† He is so busy and so cute at the same time.¬†¬†¬†Not to mention he is stinkin’ loud and I’ve told him so on occasion.¬† Today he shrieked “Stinky Woud, Mom!”

Trying to get ahead is a joke, let alone keep up. I start one thing to be outdone three times over by his speed and agility at UN-doing things just around the corner where I can’t see.¬† He has taken to getting himself¬† “coffee” and “feeding” the dogs as well as letting himself into the great outdoors with nothing but a pair of mud boots on.¬† Thankfully we have a lot of space and no neighbors within earshot, but it is quite shocking when you think your littlest walking member of the family is happily playing cars and suddenly, as you are starting the babys¬†“smoothie” you spot a bare bunned “wild animal” trotting through¬†your backyard on a chilly afternoon.¬† YIKES!

This week I dreampt up all kinds of things to post while cleaned marbles out of my shag area rug. Yes, I intentionally bought a shag rug and yes it is difficult picking out marbles and even worse fishing out cereal and raisins.

After all that thinking and planning magnificent meals to wow the world, I came up with this…


That is MY naptime face!

Hamburger Un-Recipe-gluten free, dairy free (if you please) and worry free

Pre-made burger patties from Costco. “Boo, hiss!”¬† I know I know, even I was doubtful when my husband picked them out.¬†¬†Despite my protest I had used nearly the whole bag by the end of the¬†first week and sent him back for more the next time we went to Costo.¬† I complained, “We can make them just as easily.”¬† Yeah right, between rocks that ruin menu planning and body painting toddlers I’ll take the patties. Sigh!

BBQ the hamburger patties, melt cheese add condiments and wrap up nice and snug in lettuce.

Did you see the veggies!? I called them Kid Carrots but they are really for me.

Kid Carrots:

I boiled baby carrots in water for 2min then saute’d them in olive oil with brown sugar and cinnamon.¬† Does it still count as my veggie?¬† I do think so…

This has been another recipe for the¬†‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs for Dinner Wednesday Blog Carnival‚ÄĚ Hosted by the Gluten Free Homemaker. Thanks for stopping and check out more great ideas here.

May 5, 2009 at 9:56 pm 16 comments

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