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Borrowed Breakfast Idea – Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole

Here is another delicious borrowed meal. A Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole complete with fresh pork sausage from the hogs we raised last year! Mmmmm!

Brian at Fire and Salt comes up with some of the heartiest, tastiest gluten free meals you’ve ever had. Not to mention he has tons of great desserts!

My husband took this to a staff breakfast and it was a hit! Sorry I didn’t get a picture, it was devoured before I could find my camera!

February 16, 2010 at 5:32 pm 7 comments

Unraveling the mystery of eggs (Recipe 2.b) Scrambled


Scrambled Eggs for Real:

All you need is eggs and milk or water .

Have you ever notice that it is quite hard to get scrambled eggs to scramble up right? Sometimes they are soggy, sometimes quite overdone.  Sometimes they turn out limp and sometimes they are even microwavedjust like McDonald’s!  I pulled a few pointers out of one of my favorite recipe books, America’s Test Kitchen and this time I think I’ve got it!

One thing I did not do before is butter my pan.  I know, butter is one of those dreaded words in some households but you don’t need much and it keeps the bottom of your eggs from turning brown while the top is still fluffing!  I’ve scraped the non-sticky off many a pan after “browning” the bottom of my scrambled eggs.

The next thing to note is there is an art to the actual act of scrambling.  Are you a mash and scramble, a cut and scramble or a stir like mad scrambler? The Test Kitchen discovered (and I have confirmed) that the best eggs come from a push and lift/flip method.  I’m a- completely forget that I was in the middle of scrambling, cook them too long and stir like mad kinda gal.  I have now learned to push a wooden spoon or a spatula through the middle of the eggs and sort of gently flip them over when you get to the other side of the pan.  This method saves the poor things from getting scrambled to death and allows them to stay light and fluffy.

Lastly I will say, do not overcook!  Take your eggs off the burner when they look shiny but most of the standing liquid is gone.  It’s easy to tell as you are pushing and lifting since it is a slow deliberate scramble but I  almost always leave them on too long.  The texture is much better when they are slightly wet.

Now for the whole picture… Scrambled Eggs Un-Recipe

We usually make two eggs per person and then add a couple tablespoons of milk per serving, up to about 1/4 cup for a large crowd.  You can also use water in place of the milk.  Whip the eggs and milk lightly as you heat the butter in a pan over medium heat.  Once the butter is melted and begins to steam pour in the eggs and allow to sit 2-3min then begin the scrambling method-almost like driving a snow plow through the middle and then attaching a cement mixer to flip the berm at the end. Isn’t berm a weird word, it doesn’t even look real and I probably shouldn’t use it in reference to food.  There come those blog police again!  The eggs will be done in less than 5min, take them off just before you loose the shiny look.  That sounds ridiculous, how do you know BEFORE the fact? Guess it’s another of those things you have to practice. 

March 12, 2009 at 10:30 pm 2 comments

Us and Our Thinglets

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Sourdough Update

Many of you have been checking back for results on my sourdough creation. At the moment it is still a science experiment, but a happy, bubbly experiment. Never fear, recipes will be here! I did make a beautiful, moist and delicious loaf of sourdough using yeast and a myriad of other ingredients but I'm still trying to create something more user friendly. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a starter on the counter that you could add 4 things to and have a loaf of bread by dinner? Mmmm! Attempt #1 - rose well but resulted in a dense chewy blob Attempt #2 - rose ok but was thin and lifeless then fell and another dense (not so chewy) blob Attempt #3 - to the dogs! Attempt #4 - A sourdough pancake success see post under what's for breakfast gluten-free goof? Ongoing - I've tried several more times and am going to try a completely different approach on the bread starting this week. (Mar 18). My sourdough is still happy on my counter and it makes great pancakes but it's a lot of work just for pancakes. Keep checking! April Update: She is still kickin and I'm still workin on a yeast free, gluten free sourdough loaf! May Update: My sourdough "pet" has been dried and retired until next baking season. I've traded her in for a hotter model, the BBQ! :)
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