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An Easter Riddle

Actually this has nothing to do with Bunnies!  I have a real live dilemma and it just so happens to fall during egg hunting season, how convenient.  Here you have it!

Remember the riddle, How much would could a wood chuck chuck? Here is my version…hen


Where on the farm would Owl hide eggs,

If  Owl could truly hide eggs?

Here on the farm Owls eggs would hide,

If  Owl could truly hide eggs.

I’ve been AWOL from the blogging sphere because if you haven’t noticed, my weather pixie has finally shed her scarf and hat.  Today we are on a real live egg hunt because the hen called Owl, has made herself a cozy little nest somewhere in the woods and has been hoarding all her pretty little green eggs! 

See you in a couple days when my pixie friend puts her stocking hat back on.  We are supposed to get back in the 40’s soon.

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Well not exactly sprouts but that’s what my Thinglets called them when they spotted our little lettuce seedlings.  The lettuce came up quickly (2-3days)  followed by the corn (which I still don’t think will transplant well but we will see) and then Marigolds, beans and some of the tomato’s.  sprouts

Now I don’t know if this is just my seeds or will prove to be true across the board but ALL the Marigolds came up, half the corn, about a fourth of the beans and tomatoes while the garden huckleberry and sweet peppers are yet to make an appearance.  Next time I’m planting seeds I will plant extra tomatoes, beans, and pepper seeds.

Since you asked:  My seedling method (certainly not the only way but sometimes it works).  Ha ha! Now you can put your full confidence in me since it’s wise to believe everything you read online right! 🙂  My climate is very dry and slightly cold so adjust as necessary.

  1. The egg cartons have been kept outof direct sun with syran “greenhouses” or clear lids and watered with a spray bottle daily.
  2. Once the majority of the seedling showed through the dirt I took the lids off (some of them even had a slight amount of mold and I was worried but it went away)
  3. After the lids are off I move them into the sun in a basement window sill (not too much sun- and if it is really cold at night move them back)!
  4. Water them once a day. I don’t use the spray bottle on the stronger “sprouts” after they are up.

There you have it, my tried and true  method that sometimes works!

Bubba just finished “digging” all the blush out of my compact with a Knex. Yes the box says not for children under three. 

“No Bubba, don’t dig up our plants!”

April 5, 2009 at 7:03 pm 4 comments

Consider yourself egged!

img_1891smI am participating in 5 min. for Mom’s Ultimate Blog Party with prized and fun for all.  Visit the link on my sidebar to enter for free.  To kick things off I thought we would have a good ol’ fashion egging!  Occasionally I come up with some brilliant recipes to share but most of the time I’m just a busy mom of four trying to survive.

My Blog Schmog was inspired by my 7 and 5yr old  boys and their antics. Affectionately I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from Cat in the Hat).  

I’m Jessie and I’m the Goof, I like all things farm and old fashioned and a few things modern and convenient-like parties on the Internet where Mom’s can meet and support one another. 

One day I tried to sum up my hobbies into a single word and Farm is all I could come up with.  I like so many things; family, animals, crafting, baking, teaching, gardening, singing, drawing, building, researching, horseback riding, strange pets, hiking, motorcycling, traveling, playing blocks with my three boys and rocking with my baby girl.  Since I can’t narrow it down you might find adventures from many different angles here, but one things for sure, I’ve got my game face on and I’m “here for the party”! 

I’m really on an egg kick lately.  I’m sure a big part of that is because it’s been our first sign up here at the farm that spring is indeed coming, though old man winter is hanging on for dear life giving us a majestic thunderstorm the other night followed by a day and a half of snow.  Today though, it is sunny and brisk again and the Girls (chickens) are back to work clucking happily and laying eggs.

Along with a hard winter we have had a difficult flu season.  With six of us in the house a single illness can last nearly a month then when one of the kids brings home a second we are out for a whole season is seems. This has been discouraging as I’m sure many of you experience.  This last bout of colds put the littlest in the ER with RSV, thankfully she is fast recovering but it got me thinking about nutrition again.  I’m admittedly not the best chef, and I don’t claim to eat very healthy but I’m aware of it and try my best.  I tend to go in waves!

Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as being one of the few foods containing an essential vitamin D.  This is especially important to those of us living in areas where winter does not go quietly into the night.  We need our sunlight, we need our Vit. D!  We also need a great deal of chocolate to “take the edge off”!  But that’s a different story.

For my contribution to this fabulous party you may now consider yourself egged.  Enjoy surfing and come back soon to see what’s happens next here at the anti-blog (because they-you know who they are- coerced me to write)Blog Schmog by Jessie

p.s. Don’t forget the free giveaways! It’s hard to choose but my top picks are a pair of shoes for my Pee Wee from See Kai Run or books from Bilingual Fun.  I also like USC 13, 118, 123, 78, 65, 72, 80!  There are too many to choose from!

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What about Organics and Natural Products?

What is “all natural” anyway and what should I be spending our money on these days?

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Unraveling the mystery of eggs! (Recipe 1)

img_1857smI don’t know about you but cooking eggs has always been somewhat of a mystery to me.  Once or twice I have been succesful but mostly they are only mediocre.  Yet, I am extremely picky about how I eat my eggs.  Darn!  That could be a problem especially since the farm fresh eggs my girls produce for us on a daily basis are one of the few healthy (supposedly easy) protein options for breakfast on a gluten free diet! With four of us eating gluten free a $6 box of gluten free cereal gets polished off in one morning!  If we did that every weekday that’s $100 a month, ifI hold out and get it on sale for an average of $5.  Thanks to Post, Rice Chex (update- and Corn Chex) are now gluten free so less expensive options are out there but it still leaves the problem of protein.

Since eggs are low in saturated fat yet high in protein, minerals and vitamins they are actually quite healthy especially if you can purchase free range farm fresh varieties.  At the same time you will be supporting your local economy. 

The moral of this story is that I have decided to perfect the art of creating delicious, more than edible eggs. I think for the goof that I am, more than edible should be an attainable goal. Forget that bit about perfect!

 It seems that there are approximately 20 different ways to have eggs for breakfast, snacks and even heartier meals.  I will attempt to try most of them and report back to you on my successes (hopefully) and goof ups, so you can learn from them.img_1877sm

My boys keep insisting they don’t like eggs the “easy” way so I devised a plan, “if they don’t look like eggs over easy maybe they will eat them!”  It was a success.  I actually think these are sunny side up but the point is they are easy and I didn’t have to do any magic tricks to get the kids to eat them, unless you consider a stainless steel cookie cutter magic.  Ok, so maybe I am a brilliant magician.

Fried Egg Recipe:

Melt a small amount of butter or marg. in a skillet over medium heat. (300 degrees in an electric skillet)

I like to crack the eggs into my stainless steel 1 cup measuring cup (if not I inevitably get shells in the pan).  Then if using a “form” place it in the pan and pour the eggs directly into it, or right into the pan if you have no need to disguise your “easy” eggs.

Turn down the heat and cover the pan approx 5min.  If Salmonella is a concern, be sure to cook until the yolk is done, breaking the yolk will usually ensure thorough cooking.  I’m a weird one, I like my egg yolk runny.  You will have to practice to get it “perfect” but once you get the hang of them they are a quick and healthy naturally gluten free breakfast. 

If you are making eggs for a herd, simply crack the eggs into several coffee mugs and loop the handles onto your fingers then pour into the pan at the same time.  This too, requires a bit of practice but it sure beats the guesswork and/or having to make them one at a time.

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On the topic of being frugal

What things have you done to save $$

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img_1833It occurred to me this morning as I trudged through the mud and the snow to throw hay (deliriously expensive dry blades of grass in a big heavy block) to my three horses, that I really need to dig deeper into the basics of life.  I love my horses and whenever my husband and I begin to have that talk about budget I always find a way to “justify” keeping them.  Lately it’s more about the inability to sell them to some other poor soul who can’t afford thosebig heavy blocks of grass called hay, than it is unwillingness.  I don’t want to put my family in jeopardy for a hobby no matter how dear the horses are to me.

I tossed them their hay and feeling a bit chilled I climbed onto Oliver’s neck (my big black “tractor” of a draft horse) letting him lift me onto his back then I turned around and lay sprawled out on his wide back to keep warm and to think.  What a dilemma it is feeding a family let alone the animals we need and love.  Horses, as you probably know, are one of the least productive animals on most US family farms. We don’t eat them, we rarely reproduce them and if you make money with them it is by running them silly till they make lots of money for you, or showing them in the big circuits while you spend lots of money on them.

Oliver’s thick neck twitched as he munched and my mind continued to re-play my years of owning and caring for these friendly beasts.  My thoughts came one after the other none of them staying long enough to dwell on but all of them leaving an impression:

Horses… hay…the economy… sweat… mud…$$ dilemma… a harness… a chicken coop on wooden runners I saw in a book…hens…farm eggs…$$-in the black or in the red… HEY!!!  I’ve got it!oliver

Oliver IS a tractor. While listening to his breathing, steady, strong, faithful I realized, “this has potential, he already knows how to pull, I already know how to drive I can put most anything on runners and he can work too.”  I’ve got plowing to do, leveling, ditching, firewood to move, rocks to move, I’m going to get back to the basics and scratch “tractor” off the list of things we are saving $$ for.

Speaking of basics, my  next attempt at the gluten free sourdough is about to go into the oven, stay tuned for results and hopefully I can post a successful recipe!

February 15, 2009 at 4:28 pm 4 comments

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