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Gluten Free Me…

and super size me while you’re at it!  Unless you are aware that McD’s fries are NOT technically gluten free according the their own website. 😦  I have been informed however that the celiac foundation tested them and found them to be within the limit to be considered gluten free.

On other business…

Summer is officially over since Sunday marked the last day of the fair!

I can still smell the kettle corn cooking.  I’ve still got chicken poo stuck to my boots.  Thing 1 still has artificial freckles on his face, the kind you get from falling off the sheep in Mutton Bustin’ and yet it is time to get back to reality.  Time to eat meals from my own table and time to blog again lest the blog police shut me down. 

Every year I cling to the last morsels of the fair just like Templeton in Charlotte’s Web.  I love the fair; bad food, creative crafts, huge pumpkins and the rodeo!  “The bulls and the blood, the dust and the mud!”  Gotta love it.

What do you eat when you are on the go?

Thinking back on the fair and the mirage that was summer I wondered if it might be helpful to compile some of the fast food orders I make over and over and over again. 

When you have to eat gluten free you tend to avoid fast food like mothers across the nation avoid having to change dirty diapers on the primitive floor of the fair bathroom where there is no warm water, no soap and likely no towels when you are down to your last wet wipe!  None the less when the occasion arises most every mother will just get the job done.

Here is my “menu” for those times when fast food is inevitable.

What can I eat at McDonald’s?

  • yogurt parfait (NO oatmeal) 
  • salad (NO croutons and NO chicken- not even the grilled one!)
  •  fruit and walnut salad (DON’T eat the candies walnuts the second ingredient is wheat)
  •  100% beef patties (NOT the Angus patty)
  •  McRib Pork Patty.

The salad dressings do not contain gluten ingredients. All but one are soy free. The Italian dressing is the only one that does not contain milk.

I usually order a yogurt parfait and fries but I just read on the McDonald’s website that the number 2 ingredient is a vegetable oil which includes Natural Beef flavor in which one of the ingredients is hydrolyzed wheat.  And all this time I though fries were gluten free!  WAAAAAA!

I rarely order a plain meat patty because the chances that somebody puts a bun on accidentally then yanks it off and sticks the patty in a boat (crumbs and all) is something I don’t like to gamble on.

What can I eat at Wendy’s?

Wendy’s is my favorite.  In my town it is the best fast food bet if I don’t want to get sick, though I have had the occasional cross contamination issues that go along with chancing it “out on the range”!  Truly only 1 in 100. That’s pretty good.

  • grilled chicken patty
  • 100% beef patty
  • potatoes
  • gogurts
  • fries (I think but can’t verify online right now)
  • salads (minus croutons, NOT including the Asian salad-or just leave off the noodles)
  • most of the dressings are without wheat (be aware that soy sauce has wheat so stay away from Asian dressings/marinades)

I usually order one of their wonderful salads.


A chicken patty with my favorite dressing to dip, a sour cream and chive potato and a big swig of good ol’ Dr. Pepper!

What can I eat at Carl’s Jr?

  • The low carb $6 burger-
  • fries

There is still hope for french fry eaters (unless you are allergic to soy).  I had stopped eating Carl’s fries when they changed to the “fresh cut” version because I noticed the breading and assumed it was wheat.  I actually spit a couple out in a panic and threw three boxes of fries away on that assumption.  Browsing their website I found that the “breading” is actually rice flour so it appears that french fries are still in my future! Don’t eat the zuccini or crisscut fries though.

Since they have the low carb option Carl’s will make any of their sandwiches on lettuce!  They even have real  lettuce!  The chicken (even grilled chicken) is not okay the marinade contains soy sauce.

View the complete Carl’s ingredients list here.

I hope this helps. Here are some other fast food chains and restaurants I’ve left off since I don’t have much experience with them,  our little town doesn’t offer a lot of options! 🙂

Please visit Linda’s new and improved “What Can I Eat That’s Gluten Free” and don’t forget to check out the other great recipes this week!

August 31, 2009 at 10:22 pm 16 comments

I got gluten-ed!

I hate it when that happens and these days I am much better at knowing ingredients so I rarely have problems with accidentally gluten-izing myself. 


Yesterday Matt and I got to go out with Little Sis (Callie) and her husband Jason so we jumped at the chance to get away once as adults!  Don’t get me wrong, we love to hang out with our kids, but we haven’t taken time together, alone, since a month before Pee Wee was born and she is now 9 mo old.  Not to mention Cal and Jason are a couple of pretty cool “kids” (ha JK) themselves.

We started off the night racing through downtown Spokane in their sporty little Scion while I told a story that should have taken 2min but I managed to stretch it out at least a half an hour.  I’m the queen of making a short story long! I can’t help myself.  To further illustrate that  point, we skidded into the parkade and dashed up the elevator just in time to watch the last trailer and sat our little rumps down for Transformers 2.  I’m trying to think of the last movie I saw in the theatre and I can’t think of a single one.  Not to mention, I’m sure it has been even longer since I’ve actually made it for the opening scene!

A quick note on the movie. While it was enjoyable for us I have two sons at home waiting anxiously for the word on when they get to go.  My answer… “when you are 20!”  It had more language and provocative scenes than the 1st one.  There were also a couple pretty, might I say, greusome (alien speaking, hard to discribe) scenes as well.   Mikaela (Megan Fox) wore the same boob job flaunting top and clean white pants almost the entire show and had quite a few pin up shots just for the ratings.  Quite a few, as in every 5 minutes Little Sis and I were exchanging glances as Mikaela posed with pouty lips or long legs contorted in strange positions.  Ya, she pretty much lost the tough girl act in this one and turned into the trophy girlfriend.

So, for the kids- NO, not on your lives, for us- okay I had fun but then as I said before it has been nearly a year since they’ve “let us out of the house” so we aren’t hard to please.  Action, laughs, some sort of story… it works for me.

Sorry, that was more than a quick note.

About the gluten…

After the movie we walked over to PF Changs.  I was pleasantly surprised by a full page gluten free menu.  Had I not been warned, I would have also been surprised by the high prices but then, we are use to Wendy’s being a big splurge.

All four of us decided to eat gluten free to make things easier.  We had Egg Drop Soup, Chicken Lettuce Wraps (which were my favorite), Changs Spicy Chicken, Lemon Chicken and a shrimp and snap pea dish I can’t remember the name of.  For dessert the guys each had a gluten infested mini shot glass pie but they were exceptionally careful to wash hands, guard their forks and all the standard things that husbands who’ve had to live with food allergic wives know how to do.  Sis and I shared a Chocolate Truffle Dome beautifully presented with various berries.

We stuffed ourselves and happily made it home to round up the kids and sleep off all the goodness.

This morning though, I knew I’d been gluten-ed.  I texted my sis with a sad face “I got gluten!” She wrote back and confirmed that she too had not felt well.

It’s a sad thing because they have a great menu.  I won’t say that I’m never eating there again because, after all, it is an “at your own risk” adventure any time you eat in an unfamiliar kitchen but I was really hoping to make it out of there with a new favorite.  It’s just as well since at $20 a plate I can only expect it to be a once a year event.  Next year (ha ha) I’ll be sure to remind them that gluten free for me is an allergy not just a preference.  Maybe I can write them a better review next time.

I did learn something today in my discomfort, probiotics actually do help the symptoms.  I had never tried taking anything besides calcium, Tums type antacids (which are only a placebo for me) and today I tried 1/4 teaspoon of probiotics in water on an empty stomach.  That wasn’t difficult since I haven’t been able to eat anything.  After only about 15min I wanted to eat and have had better luck since taking it. 

I also heard that taking probiotics before eating out may help with accidental cross contamination issues.  I think I will start taking them all the time.  I do give some to my littlest for her digestion but I hadn’t gotten around to getting myself in that habit.  For the best results find a brand that is milk free as well as gluten and soy free.

To sum it up, beward of women with perfectly white pants during alien battles and definately try probiotics if you get gluten-ed.

July 3, 2009 at 3:32 pm 21 comments

Restaurants with gluten free options

If you are willing to risk the possibility of cross contamination here are some restaurant chains that have made an attempt to offer gluten-free options, because you can’t always pack a sack lunch. Don’t be a goof, always ask before you order and don’t be embarrased to let the waiter and/or chef know how important it is to get your order right. 

First some quick tips: 

French Fries are often lightly breaded, seasoned and fried in a vat with other gluten products so don’t assume they are ok.

Fried rice is often made with a slight amount of soy sauce in the vat to keep it from sticking together – always ask.

Soups, sauces, maranades and salad dressing are easy items to ask to read a label on.

January 29, 2009 at 11:42 pm 4 comments

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